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How to lose weight the fastest, 5 effective methods

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Fat deficiency refers to muscle relaxation, fat sagging, and a feeling of shaking. How to lose weight due to fat deficiency? Today, let's take a look at how fat people lose weight the fastest.

  1, improve sleep quality

   Poor sleep quality may be caused by symptoms of weakness such as kidney deficiency. The weaker the body, the easier it is to insomnia. Therefore, the vicious circle of sub-health and strong state is likely to be the main cause of obesity. Take a walk at night, drink a glass of milk before going to bed, etc. Can improve sleep to a certain extent.

   Obese people do not look fat on the surface, but they are fat somewhere under their clothes. For example, some people look slim but have very big belly. Some people look good up and down, but their legs are thick, so 80% of people are fat.

  2, adhere to a certain amount of exercise

Puffiness Most people lack exercise, and the flesh of the body is always loose. The best way to get rid of puffiness is not only to cooperate with plant tea every night, but also to insist on a certain amount of exercise every day. Combination of aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise, so that Your body is more linear.

  3, drink less water 2 hours before going to bed

   Puffiness can cause edema. In order to avoid worsening edema, drink less water 2 hours before going to bed. If you are really thirsty and want to drink water, drink slowly. This helps to absorb moisture and the face will not swell when you wake up the next day.

  4. Eat more diuretic and swelling foods, such as red beans, coix seed, lotus root, wax gourd and so on. All are diuretics and anti-swelling foods. Eating more of these foods can remove the water in the body, eliminate excess water, and achieve the goal of Weight loss.

  5, pay attention to moderation

   Note that if you want to lose weight, you'd better not drink alcohol. Because the constitution of yang deficiency is full of yin and cold, many people think that wine is hot when drinking, but in fact the wine is cold, and the heat of wine belongs to "deficiency and heat". Therefore, the human body will reject yang deficiency. There will be floating heat, which will help moisturize, which is very detrimental to Weight loss.

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