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This is the scientific way to lose weight

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This is the scientific way to lose weight
   Losing weight is definitely related to dieting, but dieting does not mean not eating anything, let alone a hunger strike. Let's take a look at the correct diet method today.

  1. The right diet and Weight loss method

   First of all, you can’t skip breakfast. Breakfast provides 50% of energy every day in the early stage. For breakfast, you can choose the intake of milk, oatmeal, eggs, calcium and protein.

   For lunch and dinner, you should eat seven servings, appropriately increase the intake of fruits and vegetables, and try to choose low-sugar and low-calorie foods. It is best to have a scientific Weight loss recipe.

   Pay special attention to dinner, which is mainly light, and do not eat meat or high-fat foods. Foods with high protein, high fiber and high satiety should be used as much as possible to reduce calorie intake and avoid hunger. Meiying Meal is a good alternative to milkshake or homemade delicious and nutritious water powder instead of milkshake. Of course, scientific diet is not an immediate weight loss effect, but also depends on the formation of good habits.

  2. Next you need the following knowledge

  1. You need enough sleep to help your body remove fat. For those who sleep late, unless you can sleep for more than 12 hours the next day, you don't want to lose weight.

  2. Within a week after you stop losing weight, according to your physique, your weight will recover more than 2 kg, so you must subtract 2 to 3 kg from your target weight.

  3. It takes about 5 to 7 days to calculate the weight you lost (depending on your physique), that is, it takes you a week to see how thin you are. For example, if you lose 3 kg on the 5th day, you must wait until the 12th day to see that you have lost 3 kg.

  4. Basically measure your weight once before going to bed and after waking up. I suggest you don't record it, just remember your weight before losing weight. Why? Because once the card is closed, you will look at the record and get angry. In addition, it may take two to three days to measure your weight at a later stage.

   5. Kagan is the biggest cause of weight loss, so when you find that your weight has stopped falling, don't weigh for two days! (In fact, Kagan means that your body is adjusting your appearance to catch up with your lean body mass.

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