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How to quickly lose weight on both sides of a thin waist

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How to quickly lose weight on both sides of a thin waist

   In ancient times, water snake waist and willow waist were used to describe women's slender waist. But now I look at my body. Long sitting and inactivity have caused a lot of fat on the waist and abdomen to accumulate. Why is the fat on both sides of the waist thin?

   Method 1: Train the waist of the water snake

   "Willow waist, enter lovesickness". The enchanting posture of the ancient woman is drawn by the thick and heavy colors of the water snake waist: slender, flexible, and imaginative. From a health perspective, the "bucket waist" is about three times more likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease than the "water snake waist". To develop a soft water snake waist, you can start with belly dance moves:

   1. Focus your attention on your waist, sit down slightly, place your weight on your lower body, and straighten your back.

  2. Put your hands together and straighten up, keep your legs static, bend to the right and stretch the upper body to the left, maintain the movement for 5 to 10 seconds and then return to the upright position. Repeat the left and right alternately.

  3. Lie on your back, raise your feet, grasp the bed with both hands, then open your legs, and try to turn your body back and forth or left and right. You can also lie on your stomach, bend your feet, grab your ankles with your hands, raise your head, and raise your feet to make your body arched back.

  Method 2: Pull out the flexibility

   Nowadays, most women shuttle in office buildings. Sitting for too long will make their waists become more and more stiff. It is necessary to strengthen exercises to restore the softness of the waist. The specific methods are as follows:

   1. Sit on the floor, straighten your right leg, curl your left leg back, place the heel of your leg at the base of your thigh, and keep your body facing forward. Stretch your right hand and place it on your right leg. Stretch your left hand and bend to the right side of your body. Make sure your body is on the same side. Let your waist feel fully stretched. Hold it for 10 seconds, reset it, and change direction again.

  2. Pilates soft exercise.

   Sit straight on the cushion at 90 degrees, keeping the upper body stretched. The waist was consciously tightened and raised, and the arms were sideways and shoulder-to-shoulder.

Inhale, keep the upper body stretched, and at the same time start from the waist to twist (be careful not to twist from the arms, hips, hips), keep the waist down and still sit firmly on the mat; exhale, stretch the arms from the upper legs to the toes . Pay attention to lifting and contracting the ribs and abdomen. Keep your arms extended back.

   Action essentials:

   After stretching left and right, it is one time, and one set of movements is performed 3 to 5 times. Tighten your hips when twisting your body, and don't lift your hips off the cushion. Keep hooking exercises. Keep your arms open and stretched throughout the exercise.

   Method 3: Show off a slim waist

   exposed waist shows the youth and vitality of women. If you want to show a slender and feminine waist, you can generously wear short clothes that are as short as above the waistline, with low-waist pants, to exaggerate the sexy and hot; sports bras and shorts are more vibrant; Dim, you can choose to wear a gown with a hollowed-out waistline on both sides.

   Method 4: Wear out the "waist"

   belt is a favorite accessory of many fashionable women, and it will make people shine when they are used to modify the waist curve.

The thin waist chain is suitable for women with flat abdomen; the waist seal developed from the kimono can draw a satisfying small waist; the metallic waistband needs to be flawless at the waist; the wide waistband will create the effect of high waist and reveal the retro Elegant style.

   Method 5: "Waist" confuses the public

   If you don't have a proud upper circumference and full buttocks, you can try to make yourself flexible waist. Chen Hao quickly became a new generation of "sexy goddess" with the enchanting waist and hips in "Pink Girl". In an online survey, 58% of respondents thought that the waist represents sexiness. The waist of a woman often conveys a sound language with silent lines.

   1. Bend down. The meeting ceremony for Japanese women to bend down is full of femininity. The curve is graceful and smooth when bending down. In addition to learning to smile, women must also learn to bend over.

   2. Twist the waist. Women twisting their waists and swinging their hips, showing a big "S" shape, all contain a peachy signal to provoke the opposite sex.

   3. Caress the waist. Slender fingers run across the waist. This kind of self-touching is telling people around: I hope you get closer.

   4. Raise the waist. The posture of burying yourself in a sofa or chair with the waist completely sunken is called a woman's "defensive signal". It implies that the person in front of you is safe, reliable, and trustworthy.

   Method 6: Twist out the "waist"

   The imported word "sexy" not only exaggerates the sexiness of a certain organ, but also the dynamic sex. The beauty of the waist is mostly derived from the style born in the style.

   The standard waist-to-hip ratio is 7:10, which is often referred to as the "S" figure. To highlight this advantage, the best pose is to twist the hips. Until today, a woman who can't twist her waist will be regarded as incomprehensible. The popular Latin dance, pole dance, and belly dance, without exception, exaggerate the flexibility of the waist. Their exercises are centered on the waist and abdomen, and their strength spreads to the limbs, and then to every joint and muscle of the body.

   The waist swing when walking pays attention to the amplitude and frequency of the swing. When walking, I thought of an adagio and sexy-tempo music. Raise your head up and move your chest forward with the rhythm of the music. Relax your waist muscles slightly, and swing naturally with the rhythm with a small amplitude.

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